Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Last night the V's came over for a quick dinner. They brought me champagne. Goody.
 I said yes to orange sequins and pom poms.These are difficult times. Accessorise Hard. My friend R gave me that scarf which makes me love it all the more. 
The crab lasagna was a hit. 
I own that stripy Asos jumper M is wearing too. Great minds think alike when it comes to discounted knit wear.
 B made the most perfect dessert. Look:
 M's been getting up at 3 am to finalise plans for the celebrations for her house Hanworth which turned 150 years old last week. She's worked her fingers to the bone bringing it back to life after an arsonist burnt most of it in about March last year. There's even a ball this weekend which I cannot wait for. There'll be a champagne bar, an oyster bar, a martini bar and a great big band. So excited!
Meanwhile, on a serious note I got up early to watch the UN Security Council deal with the Malaysian airline disaster. I loved Frans Timmermans addressing the council (he's like the diplomat from Central Casting with a perfect voice and demeanour), especially when he looked at Julie Bishop and said "We are in this together Julie". And it was so moving when he spoke of people's wedding bands being removed and children's passports being shown. Just all so very sad.
To quote my friend Cilla:
Love Fiercely People.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Miscellaneous Stuff.

Yesterday I went to a beautiful lunch on the river. Wheeled out this old DVF dress that Amber gave me maybe 4 years ago. I still absolutely luff it. I wish I'd taken photos of the food because it was pretty special.
Meanwhile, sometimes, only carbs caviar and cream fraiche will do.
Said Yes to Pink on Friday
Isn't this coconut curry attractive? All those flowers.
Actioned some rolls
Had a bit of a Goodbye lunch on Saturday for Mum who's now in Europe.
It was minus 7 yes minus 7 at their home the other day. Can you imagine?
I've got the friends coming for dinner
So I've set the table and made a lasagna
The news is so bleak what with the Malaysian air disaster and the Gaza situation.
So much sadness. When will it all end?
Stay connected.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pyjama Day.

 Here are my little kid's Lightning McQueen flannelette pjs reading to be worn to Pyjama Day at the kindy today. The Pyjama Foundation is an incredible charity whose aim is to help Australia's 39000 children in foster care by improving their reading skills and assisting with learning. 
Here is a link to their site
 If you are on Instagram, you can take a photo of yourself in your pjs and upload it with the hashtags #PJDAY and #Pyjamafoundation
The sad fact is that statistics show that kids in foster care over whelmingly have below average reading skills and often struggle to do well at school.
I hope my readers can help- you guys were incredible at Christmas Time when the foundation asked for donations to give kids in foster care a Christmas present.
Like a lot of people in Brisbane I followed the Baden-Clay trial. If you're reading from overseas Gerard Baden-Clay was accused of killing his wife Allison in  April 2102. He told the police she went out for a walk at night and failed to return home. On Tuesday the jury found him guilty of murder. The 4 victim impact statements were incredibly sad to listen to. There's now going to be an appeal.
Anyway get those PJs on People.
Stay determined.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bastille Day Action.

I'm not technically French but don't think it stopped me whipping up a French meal and thinking about important French things like Liberty, Equality, champagne, silk scarves, pate, and soufflé.
This outfit would work well for 4th of July or a Jubilee as well:
Actioned a completely inauthentic cassoulet. Didn't matter though because it was the Last Word in Comfort. 
Wheeled out some French drinks
My friend M even wore sequins. Nice.
This apple and almond puff pastry tart thingamy doesn't present well but  it was 11/10.
And healthy. All those vitamins .
Decided to check out what the Woman's Weekly was saying about French Food back in the 80s
Turns out they were saying yes to Aspic cut into chunks resting under cold chicken swathed in mayonnaise.
But some of the recipes have aged well. I make this pate a lot and it's still a winner.
My friend Heidi asked me if I was going to make a soufflé, and I wasn't but then I listened quietly and I heard the Universe directing me to Hop on the Souffle Bandwagon. Reader, I did not muck around. 
If soufflé perfection's your thing look away now! but if you embrace a rustic touch look at this Savoury Souffle Arrangement:
I know someone will ask how I made this so this is what I did: I don't like individual souffle pots because there's too much washing up so I butter and flour a large basin and set my oven to 220 Celsius. Melt about 4o g butter and add a tablespoon and a half of flour  with a pinch of salt and a good grind of pepper. Cook this a bit then add 2/3 cup of milk and a really good shake of cayenne pepper. I add a hand full of grated cheese but you can leave this bit out if you want. When you've got a smooth sauce like a nice béchamel, mix in  2 egg yolks. If you're feeling flush with funds you can add some freshly picked sand crab but if the thought of $80 a kilo for shell fish makes your blood run cold like mine just drain a small tin of crab meat and use that. Mix it up and throw in some chopped flat leaf parsley. Fold  2 whipped egg whites into your mixture and put it into your basin and bake for about 20 or 25 minutes til it's puffy and golden.  
In other news, yesterday I went to a lovely Christening for Amber's daughter Baby L.
Scarfed it up.
Everything was beautiful. Look:
L's Grandma P grew these gorgeous camellias-
So much attention to detail and so pretty.
I'm torn between wanting to save electricity and pumping up the heat so much it's like a furnace in here.
Stay Brave.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Cracker sunrise this morning. Love how the sun rises after 6.30  in winter as opposed to before 5  in summer. Meanwhile on Friday I channeled Margaret Thatcher circa 1979 in a sort of retro power jacket arrangement sourced on the cheap from Paper Scissors for $14. I bought it with my sister in mind but kept it for myself. Don't tell.
My friend L bought a faux fur jacket with bits of tinsel in it to wear to a fancy dress party. She didn't end up going to so she gave it to me. I wear it seriously in my real life. Look:
You can't really tell but I'm wearing this top underneath it:
Went to A's for a gorgeous last minute Saturday lunch. Love her home.
This one found the toys:
And Baby R looked stunning in Pink
In the afternoon we went to a lovely 3rd birthday party in the park. The birthday boy's Grandma made this excellent soccer cake.
Tomorrow is Bastille Day. I've got nothing planned but here's last year's table-
Worn out? Tonnes of stuff to get through? Behind the 8 Ball? No time to do the stuff you really feel like doing? Me too. Hop in Line. Fingers and Toes there'll be a Revolution soon.

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