Monday, September 1, 2014

Things My Garden Has Taught Me.

 My Gardening posts are always wildly unpopular but it's my blog and I get to decide. I like to cook and I love pottering about the house and books and clothes and stuff but lately the Garden's been my main priority. Probably 'cause I'm trying to whip it back into shape on the cheap and in adverse climate conditions and without a staff of gardeners  to action the hard stuff (more's the pity). It looks beat up and sub par and scrappy but I love it all the same. Here's some random stuff it's taught me:
* You cannot make things happen by sheer force of will. I know. I'm sad too.
*Preparation is Key
*Sugar cane mulch is your Friend
 *Water is expensive
*Growing something from a cutting is intensely satisfying
*Shop and nursery bought Plants are prohibitively, frighteningly expensive
 *Varmints will break your heart 
*there's no place for Plant prejudice, if it grows, it stays
*Play the Garden Cards you're dealt
*I have Green Thumbs (sometimes)
*Gardeners are the nicest people (although spookily, there are exceptions to this rule. Sad but true)
*Patience is a Virtue
*Bush turkeys and their evil filthy claws and protected species status 
are the Work of the Devil
Anything you wish to add? Learnt anything from your hobby lately?
Happy first day of Spring.
And Garden Hard x

Diana. Beach. Garden.

 Doesn't the sky look Apocalyptic here? Just like a movie. 
That beach was always freezing and so windy that the sand stung your legs and your ears ached.
But I liked it all the same.
Caught up with my Favourite Hungarians
Love this necklace from my niece so much!
Excuse me, but how cute is a little kid in a blazer? 
Hooray for Old School Retro Chinese Food. Honey prawns polarise the masses but I remain devoted. 
Hello Gorgeous.
 My garden's so neglected and unkempt and sad and I'm going to have to do serious work to get it back to normal. There are dead plants and weeds and what can only be described as Carnage everywhere. Everything looks terrible. But I did find this clivia buried under a mass of weeds about to burst into flower. 
If a varmint eats it I will cry.
The only things left standing are a couple of geraniums and some bromeliads. I know. I'm sad too. And it's going to get worse because apparently we are entering a severe drought.
Pulled about 40 bromeliad pups from my pot plants and my friend R's garden to shove in the empty spots. Fingers and toes they don't curl up their toes and die. 
 The whole time I gardened my mind was in Iceland with Agnes from Burial Rites. If you haven't read it, I'm jealous because you've got such a treat in store. Such a good book.
I thought all my roses had died but then I pulled back some weeds and saw this growth on my white iceberg! A lone survivor. 
I need to buy more plants to fill the gaping holes because cuttings alone are not going to be sufficient. They've got to be tough and drought tolerant.
Speaking of nurseries, I was buying plants in 1997 when the shop assistant told me that Diana had died.
 Can you believe it's been 17 years?
You can read about where other people were when they heard the news on my face book page.
I saw that Woody Allen movie Magic in the Moonlight with Colin Firth yesterday. The story's not much chop, but see it for the pretty gardens and good acting. 3 stars. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beach Stuff.

Here's a blog post filled with what can only be described as Beach Stuff.
Still loving my retro bee necklace sick
This was taken during a crazy sand storm that would have stopped the French Legionnaires dead in their tracks:
Wore some sequins on the beach. Seemed wrong not to.
Vegetarians avert your eyes! NOW!
 Because we roasted lamb.
Reading this. Can't put it down. So GOOD.
Cracking Good Reads- laughed out loud many times during the Rosie Project and stayed up til 2am to finish the Tiger book
Witnessed some Grandparent Action
Stay sane and Cheerio.

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