Monday, September 15, 2014

Work Life Balance. Discuss.

 I'm going to have to eventually have this excellent Red Phoenix necklace surgically removed from around my neck because I wear it all the time. Meanwhile the liquid fertiliser's kicked in and a few things are blooming round here.
 I loved reading your comments about what everyone does for a living. Makes me wonder what the hell I've been doing with my own life.
Still baking bread on a daily basis. So easy and comforting.
 Celebrated a Milestone Birthday with friends
 Remember this Philip Lim dress I wore to my 40th?
 Well I wheeled it out on Friday night for the Pyjama Foundation's Charity Gala.
 It was an excellent night. 4 little boys spoke about how their Pyjama Angels had changed their lives and helped them love reading and improve at school. A uni student also spoke about how her Angel had been the only person she could trust. The lady who was named Pyjama Angel of the year said that she leaves the home after her visits feeling uplifted and like she's made a difference. It was all very moving. I know some of my readers have signed up, so here's the link if you'd like to become a Pyjama Angel.
They had a silent auction and I got into an ugly bidding war with my friend R over one of the prizes. 
I would not be outbid. 
This Easton Pearson caftan sequintastic top thing now lives with me:
 When Mum told me that a beautiful girl who looked like a model dropped off some plants I knew my friend A had been over. Look at all these bromeliads! I've planted them out and potted up the 7 clivias she left as well. Thank you A! So generous!  Nothing's better than plants from friends.
 The iceberg rose is fighting back from its near death experience.  I'm going to try to feed and water and lavish the garden with as much attention as I can to try to get it back to speed. Marauding bush turkeys permitting.
I followed H's advice and shoved new feather cushion inserts into my cushion covers to plump them up. Lincraft sells them. Also if you're in the zone for a raspberry velvet $12 cushion Kmart's what you want.
 Gorgeous P (my friend who I met at Chanel in Paris in 2013 when she asked if I was FF) sent me this book and I cannot put it down! Such a good read. Thanks P 
Meanwhile, the comments on my last post mentioned Work/life balance a lot.
 Is it an urban myth? Do you have it? Are you time poor? Burning the candles at both ends? 
Let's workshop it as an FF Family.
You know you want to.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello. And What Do You Do?

Usually the stuff for sale at the Salvos at Red Hill is prohibitively expensive, but I found this bargaintastic Royal Winton dish about a week ago for $14. It's a bit crazed but I don't mind. My Goddens Bible tells me it's from between 1934 to 1950. I wonder who owned it first?
Meanwhile I paired this Hermes Tres Kelly scarf with this top from Primark. Mix your high end clobber with you chain store stuff. Don't be scared.
 Mum's here and we're all watching the Oscar Pistorius judgement. I wonder what's going to happen?
 Beautiful day here today. Only spoilt by a filthy bush turkey staking out the garden. I know. Scary. It's difficult to explain to the uninitiated how much damage and carnage these huge birds cause. 
 Used my friend C's recipe to bake a small loaf of bread.
 It was Delicious! And so easy. Nothing smells better than baking bread. Talk about comforting.
 If you need some el cheapo diamante flats for under $25 Temt's doing some. Look:
 Spiderman says Hello.
  I miss this Pucci top. Maybe I can wheel it out again soon.
 Someone asked me if I use hot rollers. No. But I never rule anything out.
 Silk is about to start and you know how I heart Martha to the factor of a million. And can I just say that I loved reading the comments so much on the last post about where you lived that I've decided to ask another question. Because it's my Blog and I get to choose. What do you do for a living? And do you luff it?
Tell Aunty FF Everything.
You know you want to.
Stay Focussed and Disciplined People.

Monday, September 8, 2014


These supermarket roses have covered themselves in Glory. Not a bad return for a $9 investment.
Framed this photo from 2011. It was one of the tasks on my to do list. Got everything done  'cept the movie and World Peace. Time for a new list.
Said Yes to Embellishment on Fathers Day.
And made what can only be described as a Huge Fuss over this one
Have shoved jasmine everywhere. Wish they flowered year round. The scent is divine.
 Meanwhile, today I had some friends over for lunch
 Lotus brought me the spoils of her garden. Goody.
Vegetarians feast your little eyes on all this meat free food!
 Actioned a ricotta cheescake. It was Delicious, Delicious I tell you! And gluten free and chock full of Calcium. It's a super food.
 Hello Gorgeous.
The Garden's loving this rain sick.  Fingers and Toes it'll stick around for a while.
Haven't done a Demographics post for a while. I love finding out who's reading and where they are.
I'll go first. I'm sitting on my sofa watching Orange is the New Black. And I'm 42.
Where are you?
Edited to add- Just a reminder that The Pyjama Foundation ( the charity that helps foster kids by by helping them read, mentoring and improving literacy) is having its fancy pants annual gala this Friday in Brisbane at Victoria Park. There are still tickets available. I'm going, you should too!  Here's the link for the event and web page also has information about how you can volunteer at the Foundation. 

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