Thursday, July 31, 2014


 I've been at home with a sick kid. Nothing sadder than a sick kid. Thankfully he appears to have rallied. Hooray. 
In exciting news my jasmine's blooming. Goody.
 The smell is divine
I had to miss a function at Hanworth last night Dammit. If I'd been able to go I would've worn this Marchessa arrangement:
Luff that dress.
And luff my new Hanworth tea cosy that M gave to her guests. After the arson attack one of the few things that remained unscathed at Hanworth was a tea cosy found in a back cupboard. So it's become of sort of symbol of survival.
 Garden's pretty grim but in the Spirit of Hope I planted some geranium cuttings today. Fingers and Toes they strike.
Said yes to Pucci and Sequins.
Seemed wrong not too.
 Cannot wait to read this. I admire Helen no end.
 If Our Jackie hadn't died young she would've been 85 now. 
You can just tell she was a Leo. Look at that hair:
 Saw a really good doco about Annie Leibovitz called Life Through a Lens. Mr FF saw it ages ago and raved about it. She's had an amazing life and met all the Big Names. Try and see it if you can.
On the Baking Front the Universe directed me to action a chocolate fudge cake. I didn't muck around and more or less heeded its call immediately .
There are lots of Pretenders but this my cyber friends is the Real Deal:
Hello Darling. Don't you look attractive?
You can find my recipe here.
There was a young Doctor from Medecins sans frontieres in Gaza on the 730 Report tonight talking about the challenges she and other hospital staff are facing treating wounded children. Just. Awful.
And I can just imagine her parents worrying themselves sick about her safety and hoping like mad she makes it home. 
The news is just full of tragedy at the moment. When will it end?

Monday, July 28, 2014

You Shall Go to the Ball.

 The Hanworth Ball was fantastic. Fantastic I tell you! I looked forward to it for so long that I'm sad it's over.
 If you're a blog stalwart you already know that my love for one shouldered dresses has no bounds.
I bought this Real Housewife frock months ago on sale from Asos.
And I didn't want to freeze to death so I also had this fake fur Muppet-Style vest arrangement that cost me $10 from the last chance rack at Paper Scissors:
Vive la Muppet!
The House looked beautiful, the guests looked beautiful, the food and drinks and band were all wonderful but the true star was M.
 She's worked her fingers to the bone restoring the house from years of neglect and last year's fire. The transformation is incredible.
This is the veranda when the renovation started:
This is it after someone set the house on fire destroying 80 % of it:
And this is the same spot on Saturday night. Restored to its former Glory.
M's dress was DIVINE. Don't even get me started on that gorgeous feathery cape thing.
 This oyster bar was excellent. There was an oyster shucker on hand and everything!
Purple is Hanworth's colour and even the trees hopped on board
And this Band was the Business.
Love this photo of M dancing with her brother
A Perfect Night. 
The next day Mr FF's birthday festival continued
 I saw a really good movie called Once my Mother on Sunday morning. 
It's a true story about a film maker who documents her mother's amazing life. Her mother was an orphan in Poland and when the war came was forced into a brutal Siberian work camp. Eventually she made her way to Rhodesia and then Australia (England wouldn't take her because she was an unwed mother.) The stuff she lived through beggars belief. It's very moving and I think you should see it.
4 Stars.
On the domestic front I've ironed a million things and made a salad with Persian fetta and roast beetroot.
And a  glass of champagne might be in order while I wait for this slow roasted pork belly to finish cooking.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Well we're in the star sign of Leo at last. Thank God. About 5 people in my life have had birthdays this week and there are tonnes more to come before the end of August. Goody. Nothing like a celebration.
Say what you will about Leos, they are Loyal.
And they totally understand Good Hair.
Meanwhile I am still flying the flag for Orange
And carbs
And I hate to introduce a sad note, but how moving were the photos of all the hearses going to the airport with the MH17 passengers?
Queen Max was crying and who can blame her? 
Coupled with images from Gaza it's been a very tough news week. So much suffering.
I've been making Orange Food. May as well. This is a cauliflower curry. 
D sent me a sequinned beanie which I am loving sick! Thank you!
The chicks at the kindy got big very fast. I miss their chirping at drop off and collection.
It was very comforting.
This was a chocolate mousse cake. It was 1 million/10.
Like Cinderella, soon I will be off to the Ball. Once I clean this house.
Fingers and Toes my dress fits
Keep it Together.

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