Monday, October 5, 2015


I luff this water feature at dig in James St. So soothing.
Meanwhile I'm on day 7 of plague like virus that has driven me to to Brink.
I've moved through fevers, chills, aches, pain, loss of my voice and exhaustion and arrived at the hacking cough stage. Exciting.
Fingers and toes my health will be fully restored say tomorrow.
Meanwhile, this is a garden intensive post so if that's not your thing, just click away now. 
Can any hybrid tea stalwarts identify these 2 roses that I pinched from my late Grandma's garden? They both had the best scent.
The orange one opened up like this:
Meanwhile Pottery Barn and West Elm opened in Brisbane and I predict they'll be wildly popular. Everything was styled beautifully but I thought their stuff was kind of expensive.
Remain obsessed with cast iron pots. If you know where I can find them, tell me.
My beautiful Elina rose finally bloomed.
Mr FF dug out clumps of agapanthus from my Grandparents garden and replanted them in ours. We've shoved  them between a giant hedge and some mondo grass. I love it that they'll continue to grow here, but the whole exercise made me feel pretty sad and emotional. I don't know why gardens stir up so many memories, but they do.
 These are grandma's geraniums:
 My peace rose sent out a single bloom. Look:
 When I still had my health (those were the days) I said Yes to Embellishment.
 I'm potting up cuttings of succulents as if my life depends on it.
 Look, it's the 1st hippeastrum of the season-
Said yes to a French antique chest of drawers. It's now filled with about 250 ties.
Colour coordinated. Of course.
My friend Lucy's confused about my proposed neutral tree and wants more details. I haven't really figured it out but there'll be lots of white, cream, copper, silver, gold pewter, crystal and glass. Maybe a bit of mauve, maybe some pale pink. And a big Thank You to gorgeous long time blog reader L who met me at Anouk and gave me a huge box of white and silver Christmas ornaments from her own brief foray into a neutral tree a few years ago- it was lovely to meet you L and I am so grateful!
Meanwhile, fingers and toes this iris survives it's transplant and thrives. I hope all that fertiliser weaves it's magic.
Zero else to report. Except that I saw The Intern and really enjoyed it. Robert de Niro's great and the houses are beautiful. 3 and a half stars. Happy Labour Day. Stay Healthy. Garden Hard.

Monday, September 28, 2015

All or Nothing at All.

Found a marble bowl thingy for my marble fruit at The Old Boathouse at the Cottage Garden Nursery at East Brisbane. So many treasures there.
There was a huge storm yesterday in Brisbane complete with cyclonic winds and my least favourite thing- hail. So damaging and toxic to leaves, cars and homes. Fingers and toes my seedlings made it out alive. If this lobelia is dead I will cry.
Luff this pot that Mum have me years ago from d.i.g. Perfect for bromeliads. And in super exciting garden news, remember these hippeastrums that my colleague gave me? They're about to burst into flower! Happy Times.
I think these succulents from Hobart have struck! Fingers and toes. I have high hopes for them.
Lots of buds on the gardenian hedge.
And enough parsley to supply the 8th regiment.
Visited my Zsa Zsa ("The Hungarian to the Stars")
You can tell it's her home because of the Fontainebleau wallpaper. So beautiful.
Ate my body weight in baked goods and Admired her museum- standard collection of Herend. Don't think I didn't  think about stealing the lot. 
If only she didn't have a key to my house.
We tried our luck the Salvos at Red Hill but the grave robbers had beaten us to it and everything else was wildly overpriced.
I did get this $3 little Chinese box though:
Had the Vs and my brother in law over for roast chicken. Nothing better than a roast chook.
Went to a lovely Riverfire Party.
D's mum A made these glace oranges that were out of this world. Wish I some now
Can't stop thinking about the garden and what to do with it. I need more plants, more cast iron pots, a lot more mulch, truckloads of fertiliser  and a team of professionals to do my bidding. If only I wasn't so lazy. I'm trying to make a mad hatter (cuphea) hedge in this garden bed:
Found this sweet little pot at Commercial Road Antiques. When I can muster the energy I'm going to stuff it with succulents. The man there said he puts his new iron pots into his salt water pool to get the rust happening! Clever.
Found this little urn too. Might shove some succulents in that too. When I can be bothered.
Vegetarians, avert your little peepers because we had what can only be described as a BBQ. Look:
M and B popped in for snacks
And they came bearing pastries. Excellent.
I uploaded these photos while I watched the Sinatra doco All or Nothing at All. See it on SBS on demand because it is 11/10. What a life. And the music is beautiful. I multitasked and looked through Jenny Rose-Innes's instagram at the same time- so much garden inspiration. Her talent with plants and decorating knows no bounds.
Someone asked for an orchid update- the 3 giant ones are not dead and I am lavishing them with weak liquid fertiliser and love, but the little ones have all met their maker. Sadly.
Better get my skates on. Garden Hard. 

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