Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Bit of Easter Action.

We had a cracker Good Friday seafood lunch at Hanworth with the gorgeous V Family.
Wish we could do it all again.
Hanworth turns 150 years old in a few months and  looked wonderful
If you've been reading since March 2013 you already know that when the restoration was almost complete, an arsonist set the building on fire and destroyed 80% of it. 
It truly has risen form the ashes since then.
M looked fab in Lily Pulitzer
I wore an el cheapo maxi frock and a Shourouk necklace
We ate our body weight in seafood
I made a bucket of béchamel for our sand crab lasagna
There was a run on sand crab (the Great Sand Crab Shortage of 2014) and my friend Lucy had to source some for me in Dutton Park and channel a courier and drive it into the city for me (Thanks L!). I'd asked for a kilo but at $80, yes $80 a kilo I settled for 500 grams. 
I mean it's shell fish not gold bullion.
This was the veranda after the fire
And this is it now:
If anyone needs some flocked velvet small oblong cushions, you'd better get yourselves to Big W pronto
Had dinner with my sister and Girlfriends at Il Posto on Friday night. Here's our Zsa Zsa:
Here's old Me
Here's an amaretto sour (Delicious! and Refreshing!)
And this duck and porcini ragu arrangement pasta was 11/10
Because we'll go in Hard with Feaster Sunday tomorrow tonight there will be Soup
Meanwhile I'm not at Southbank because I thought I'd get a better view of Kate and Wills on telly.
Loved this Zimmerman
Luffed this DVF :
And love this LK Bennet dress too. And the blue Oroton clutch. I think she looks wonderful.
I loved the Oroton clutch. Tried to buy it online but it had sold out dammit.
Am glued to the tv waiting for them to leave the Convention Centre and walk down Russell Street.
So exciting!!!
Happy Feaster.
PS they just started the walk, I LOVE THEM!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kate's here!

 Kate Wills and George are all on Australian soil and Kate's looking the Business in Yellow.
So cheering.
 Her hair really is 11/10
Meanwhile, you know how I luff and endorse leopard print as a Neutral? (Cue the Leopard Visuals)
Well Maitai (Creative Polyglot and highly skilled scarf and pavlova expert whose style and Hermes Scholarship know no bounds) has generously devoted a whole post to Leopard print in response to a comment I made a while back. I know. I was loving it sick too. You can read it here. 
Look how good she looks:
 In local news I got home from the Coalface and raced into Woolies and purchased stuff to whip up some béchamel and make a sand crab lasagne for the family. I know. 
It was the last word in Comfort. Thank God there are left overs.
Tonight Zsa Zsa phoned me and crystallised some Easter Plans. Goody. Some People call it Feaster because the food really is just so so Good.
Loved all the funny Polyglot comments on the last post. You people do make me laugh.

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