Monday, July 13, 2015


It's finally Cold and I for one and luffing it sick. I think it's even snowing at my parent's place in the country.
Meanwhile thanks to everyone for their sage and considered orchid advice. 
Fingers and Toes I can keep these little darlings alive.
Every one's wheeling out their scarves. This is my friend A at Fat Noodle last week:
And it's the Perfect Weather for Ironing. Wrinkles being the Devil's Work and all. 
I got a fair bit done binge watching season 2 of True Detective.
Saw the Doco Amy at the movies yesterday with Zsa Zsa. It's about Amy Winehouse and it is really good and very sad. Amy had a beautiful jazz voice but she was a self destructive addict who chose the terrible men. And don't get me started on her Dad.  The voice overs by her friends Lauren and Juliet are particularly moving. I give it 5 stars.
Had a BBQ with all the Big Names on Friday night
Here's Old M and G -
Went to Unique France in Brunswick St and luffed everything sick
Apparently antiques are unfashionable but I don't care, I love them.
Had a lovely dinner and catch up with the gorgeous V's
Today was the coldest day of the year. The Universe told me to get cracking in the Kitchen and make vats of soup, chili con carne, osso bucco and cake. I did as I was told.
Everyone else has already read this, and I'm late to the party but I cannot put it down. 
It's sad and poignant and moving. Poor Joan.
Tyrion Lanister's dad looks nice on the cover of Rake
There's an article inside about Old Pamela.
I read her biography maybe 17 years ago but L's just given me a copy so I'm going to re-read it again soon.
She wearing Standard Issue Queen Hair here:
Stay warm and toasty.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


 With God as My Witness I will do all in my power to keep my first ever orchid alive. 
I know. 
I'm nervous too. 
Wish me Luck. Any advice greatly appreciated.
Meanwhile, my lovely friend L gave me this book to read and I cannot put it down. Old Lily's lead quite the life.
Mess with her at your own Peril.
 In other exciting book news (like there's any other) I read this one in a day and luffed it sick. It's about a 42 year old women who returns from sick leave to find that her evil 20 something whippersnapper colleague has usurped her at work and is doing a stellar job in (crosses self) undermining her and ruining her life.
Run Don't Walk!
You'll be sad when it's over. Because it's a cracking great read.
Gorgeous A brought me lunch from Botanica on Enoggera Tce the other day. It was delicious.
The Universe directed me to bake a raspberry tart. I did as I was told.
Say what you will about almond meal, it is a dead set handy ingredient. And all those anti-oxidants.
L came to lunch last week and I baked her a sand crab lasagna. So comforting.
  Easton Pearson do a nice line in Sequins.
 In movie news, I saw Far from the Madding Crowd and luffed it sick. Sick I tell you. It's a tiny bit different from the book but it doesn't matter, because it's fabulous. I thought the bloke who played the Shepherd was Danish but it turns out he's from Belgium. What a stalwart.
It's my favourite movie of the year so far. 5 stars. Enjoy. 
 Who's doing Christmas in July? I'm thinking of wheeling out a turkey with all the trimmings.
May as well.
 When I did a garden tour to England back in 2013, I knew I'd see beautiful gardens, but I never expected to make such wonderful friends.
I caught up with my fellow tourists K, A and F on Sunday at Anouk for brunch. I hadn't seem them for almost 2 years! They had the best stories and I love their insights. So lucky to have met them.
You know how I admire Queen Beatrix's Standard Issue Queen Hair? Turns out she's had it all her life.
Counting the days til you get your copy of Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee? Me too. Fingers and Toes it doesn't disappoint. 
Stay warm- it's going to be a chilly 15 degrees in the next few days which for these here parts is Freezing.
Keep Your Wits.

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